Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP)

Mr. Walter Macaranas NAP Administrator
Location: JTV Bldg., As Lito, Saipan
PO Box 501488 Saipan, MP 969590
Telephone 670 237-2844
Facsimile: (670) 237-2844

Every Island, Every Village, Every Family

The Division of Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) in the CNMI, also known as the Food Stamp Program. was established to promote the general welfare and to safeguard the health and well-being of Commonwealth residents by raising the levels of nutrition among low income. zero-income and needy families and individuals. Moreover, NAP supports and stimulates the local economy by earmarking 30 percent of the Monthly Food Stamp Allotment (commonly known as Local Coupons) for each Household Case or family household and individual strictly for the purchase of foods grown, raised, caught, or processed in the CNMI as a finished food product for family consumption.