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2019 Inspection Reports

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Child Care ProviderReport DateReport TypeView Report
REQ Day & Night Care01/03/2019Renewal
Golden Harvest International School03/13/2019Announced
Smart Start Nurturing Center03/18/2019Announced
Saipan Seventh Day Adventist School 04/01/2019Announced
Loving Hand Kindergarten and Enrichment Center, Koblerville03/20/2019Announced
Northern Marianas International School Early Head Start Program04/02/2019 Announced
Green Meadow School Pure Love One Chalan Kiya04/08/2019Announced
REQ Day & Night Care 04/10/2019Announced
PSS Early Head Start, Susupe 04/12/2019Preliminary
Korean Community School, Susupe 04/12/2019Preliminary
Holy Angel Day Care, Susupe 04/18/2019Preliminary
Loving Hands Kindergarten and Enrichment Center, Koblerville 04/24/2019Announced
PSS Early Head Start, Kagman
PSS Early Head Start, Chalan Kanoa
05/06/2019 Unannounced
Northern Marianas International School
1st Step Day Care
Green Meadow Pure Love II,
Gualo Rai
Loving Hands Day Care, San Antonio05/21/2019Unannounced
PSS Early Head Start, Susupe06/05/2019Unannounced
Isla Montessori School, Dandan07/26/2019Renewal
EHS Kagman09/05/2019Announced
Korean Community09/12/2019Announced
Golden Harvest Daycare09/12/2019Announced
Smart Start Navy Hill09/23/2019Announced
Gana Day Care Center 10/10/2019Announced
Isla Montessori School, Dandan10/29/2019Announced
Gana Day Care Center11/13/2019 Monitoring
NMIS Early Head Start11/21/2019Announced
Green Meadow School Pure Love Day Care II12/03/2019 Announced
Green Meadow School Pure Love Day Care I12/04/2019 Announced
Loving Hands Kindergarten & Enrichment Center12/05/2019 Renewal
REQ Day & Night Care12/16/2019 Announced
PSS Early Head Start Susupe12/30/2019 Announced
Korean Community School Day Care01/22/2020Announced