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Inspection Reports

Child Care ProviderReport DateReport TypeView Report
REQ Day & Night CareJanuary 3, 2019Renewal
Golden Harvest International SchoolMarch 13, 2019Announced
Smart Start Nurturing CenterMarch 18, 2019Announced
Saipan Seventh Day Adventist School April 1, 2019Announced
Loving Hand Kindergarten and Enrichment Center, KoblervilleMarch 20, 2019Announced
Northern Marianas International School Early Head Start ProgramApril 2, 2019 Announced
Green Meadow School Pure Love One Chalan KiyaApril 8, 2019Announced
REQ Day & Night Care April 10, 2019Announced
PSS Early Head Start, Susupe April 12, 2019Preliminary
Korean Community School, SusupeApril 12, 2019Preliminary
Holy Angel Day Care, SusupeApril 18, 2019Preliminary
Loving Hands Kindergarten and Enrichment Center, KoblervilleApril 24, 2019Announced
PSS Early Head Start, Kagman
May 6, 2019Renewal
PSS Early Head Start, Chalan Kanoa
May 6, 2019 Unannounced
Northern Marianas International School
1st Step Day Care
May 9, 2019Unannounced
Green Meadow Pure Love II,
Gualo Rai
May 14, 2019Unannounced
Loving Hands Day Care, San AntonioMay 21, 2019Unannounced
PSS Early Head Start, Susupe June 5, 2019Unannounced
Isla Montessori School, DandanJuly 26, 2019Renewal
EHS KagmanSept 05, 2019Announced
Korean CommunitySept 12, 2019Announced
Loving HandsSept 12, 2019Announced
Smart Start Navy HillSept 23, 2019Announced
Gana Day Care Center October 10, 2019Announced
Isla Montessori School, DandanOctober 28, 2019Announced
Gana Day Care Center11/13/2019 Monitoring
NMIS Early Head Start11/21/2019Announced