Learn where to get help to pay for what your family needs.

Children are expensive! When income levels are below the limits, there is help available to families that struggle to pay for child care and other services.


The Child Care Development Fund Program assists low income families in accessing quality child care for children while parents work or participate in education or job training. The program’s mission is to enhance the quality, affordability, and supply of child care available for all families.

Parent/s Eligibility
• Working at least 30 hours a week or is scheduled to start to work in 2 weeks.
• In job training at least 20 hours a week.
• Attending education on a full time basis.
• Has a monthly gross income that does not exceed Federal Poverty Income Guideline for a family of a same size.
• The family must be living in the CNMI.

Child’s Eligibility
• Resides with the parent who is in an approved activity  (working, in job training or attending school)
• Be under the age of 13
• Must be a US Citizen or Qualified alien as defined in PRWORA.

Contact: (670) 664-2575/6/8/9 or (670) 664-2573
Located in Capitol Hill House No. 1347



Ms. Gregoria Olopai, Administrative Officer III
Ascension Dr. Caller Box 10007 Saipan MP 96950
Telephone# (670) 287-1475


Mr. Walter Macaranas NAP Administrator
Location: JTV Bldg., As Lito, Saipan
PO Box 501488 Saipan, MP 969590
Telephone 670 237-2844 Facsimile: (670) 237-2844
Website: https://cnminap.gov.mp


Ms. Erin A. Camacho WIC Administrator
Location: N25 Bldg., Navy Hill, Saipan
Telephone: (670) 664-4084 Facsimile: (670) 664-4075

PSS Child Nutrition Program

Dale Roberts, Child Nutrition Program Director
Location: 1258 Rte 312, Capitol Hill, Saipan 96950, Northern Mariana Islands
Telephone: (670) 664-3904 Facsimile: (670) 664-3715
Website: Child Nutrition Program

CNMI State Medicaid Agency

Helen C. Sablan/ Medicaid Director
Location: Government Bldg. No. 1252 Capitol Hill Rd., Saipan 96950, Northern Mariana Islands
Telephone: (670) 664-4890 Facsimile: (670) 664-4884   
Website: http://medicaid.cnmi.mp/

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