Complaint Process

Before filing a complaint with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs’ Child Care Licensing Program (“CCLP”), you should consider speaking to the facility’s director or supervisor who is responsible for the daily operation of the facility. Many situations can readily be corrected by speaking to the management. Even after filing a complaint with CCLP, you should still consider speaking to the facility management to see if the complaint at hand can be remedied or corrected.

How are complaints received by CCLP?
The Child Care Licensing Program receives complaints by email, telephone, regular mail, CCLP/CCDF website, walk-in, etc.

Who files complaints?
The Child Care Licensing Program receives complaints from parents, provider staff members, family members, private & government agencies, and just about anyone who is aware of a possible regulatory violation within the facilities of child care providers.

Who investigates the complaint once received?
A Child Care Licensing Program Safety Inspector conducts the investigation. They are experienced and have a foundational working knowledge and understanding of CNMI laws and the regulatory requirements of the program.

How are the complaints investigated?
The Child Care Licensing Safety Inspectors use their basic investigative skills to investigate complaints such as: conducting witness interviews; reviewing closed-circuit television (“CCTV”) footages, reviewing records, policies, observation, etc. Additionally, CCLP uses whatever methods of investigation that will result in the most efficient and effective outcome.

Regulatory requirement:
Pursuant to §55-40.1-135 Licensing Complaints – Child care facilities must provide written information to parents at the time of admission and staff members at the time of employment on how to file a complaint concerning suspected licensing violations. The information must include the complete name, mailing address, and telephone number of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, Office of the Secretary, Child Care Licensing Program.

CCLP CONTACT NUMBERS: 664-2572 & 664-4570

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