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Background Check Requirement

Background Check Requirements for Licensed Day Care Center & Group Child Care Homes, Before and After School Programs, Family Child Care Homes, and Infant and Toddler Child Care Centers

Pursuant to NMIAC §55-40.1-226:
(d) All applicants, their employees, and anyone else at the facility whose activities involve the care or supervision of children or unsupervised access to children shall provide a criminal background check.
(1) The criminal background check shall include the following:
(i) A fingerprint background check from any available CNMI Government criminal database.
(ii) A fingerprint background check done on any available federal database as recommended by the FBI.
(iii) A criminal background check on the CNMI Government Child Abuse and Neglect Registry.
(iv) A criminal background check on the National Sex Offender Registry if the CNMI Government has the capability of accessing this.
(v) An annual CNMI Police Clearance.
(2) These checks shall be done before a person is allowed to work or perform service at the daycare facility.

1 Although not specifically stated in the Child Care Licensing Program Administrative Code, a reasonable person would reasonably understand that unsupervised access to children is the potential to be left alone with any child or group of children in care.