Ayuda Network, Inc./ Commonwealth Respite Services Program

Joaquin R. Sablan
Location: Mednilla Ave. Bldg. #1354, Capitol Hill
Caller Box 100007, Saipan MP 96950
Telephone: (670) 323-1354
Email: dcca.crsp@gmail.com

The Commonwealth Respite Service Program will provide respite services to eligible
recipients or primary caregivers of target dependents. Primary caregiver is an individual who provides a client with continuous at-home care at no cost. Target dependents are children with developmental disabilities residing at home, or adults with developmental disabilities who reside with aging parents, children, and older individuals who are medically fragile, have developmental disabilities, dementia, and other conditions and who reside at home of primary caregiver such as adult children, grandchildren, or other care-giving relative.

The Respite Program have been planning to establish a volunteer base for clients who are willing to have a volunteer at their home, or in some kind of respite approved setting. If anyone is interested in volunteering for the program, please feel free to contact the Respite Program.

Therefore, to establish and develop a system for the program, Commonwealth Respite Service Program is currently conducting a needs assessment survey and is inviting all interested families and individuals who are in need of respite services to register with CRSP and submit a survey questionnaire. Service providers, day care centers, and business community interested in providing respite service care are also urged to call CRSP.