Welcome to the Child Care Licensing Program

The Child Care Licensing Program (“CCLP”) under the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs (“DCCA”) is the responsible Commonwealth agency in licensing child care services in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (“CNMI”) in coordination with other relevant Commonwealth agencies. It regulates and monitors licensed child care facilities throughout the CNMI. Additionally, CCLP performs employment history checks, background information checks, and criminal background checks on all applicants inclusive of the applicants’ staff members.

Furthermore, CCLP issues licenses in the following classification of care:

Part 200 – Day Care Center & Group Child Care Homes, Before and After School. This classification of care may provide care to children age two years and older;

Part 300 – Family Child Care Homes. This classification of care may provide care for no more than six children at the same time; and

Part 400 – Infant and Toddler Child Care Centers. This classification of care shall provide care to children age six weeks and under twenty-four months.

The Child Care Licensing Program is guided by its Administrative Code when it comes to making sure that all providers adhere to the licensing procedures, administration requirements, program requirements, staffing requirements, health standards for the children, health standards for the staff, environmental health standards, physical facility standards, and program modifications.

Gordon B. Salas
Child Care Licensing Program Supervisor

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