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2017 Inspection Report

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Child Care ProviderReport DateReport TypeView Report
REQ Day and Night Care Center12/28/2017Renewal
Green Meadow Pure Love (PL) B, Gualo Rai12/28/2017Visist
PSS EHS C.K. Room 1 (P-2), Chalan Kanoa10/26/2017Announced
Green Meadow B (P-11), Gualo Rai10/17/2017Announced
Korean Community School of Saipan (P-14)10/17/2017Announced
Loving Hands Kindergarten, Koblerville05/15/2017Preliminary
Green Meadow, Chalan Kiya05/18/2017Unannounced
Green Meadow (P-12/C), Gualo Rai



Green Meadow (P-10/A) Chalan Kiya04/06/2017Announced
Green Meadow (P-11/B), Gualo Rai03/23/2017Monitoring
Mt. Carmel School,Chalan Konoa03/15/2017Monitor
Loving Hangs (P-15), San Antonio03/09/2017Renewal
Angel Kindergarten (P-1), Koblerville03/08/2017Monitor
Loving Hangs (P-1), San Antonio03/06/2017Renewal
Green Meadow Preschool



Holy Angel Learning Center, Chalan Kanoa

PSS Early Head Start Program (P-3), Dan dan02/16/2019Unannounced
Angel Kindergarten (P-1), Koblerville02/16/2019Announced
Mt. Carmel School, Inc. (P-16), Chalan Kanoa02/15/2017Unannounced
Loving Hand (P-15), San Antonio02/14/2017Unannounced